Movie spamming kodi.log with debug on


While I was running in debug mode on for another issue, I decided to play a music rip.
Then I noticed it spammed the kodi.log quite much, anybody an idea what is wrong (if it is)?

If you enable debug you should expect more logging messages.
If you are referring to this “spam”

17:50:04 8698.100586 T:1643639840   DEBUG: GetMovieId (nfs:// Straits/Dire.Straits.Alchemy.Live.1080p.DTS-HD.mkv), query = select idMovie from movie where idFile=11921
17:50:05 8699.074219 T:1643639840   DEBUG: webserver: request received for /jsonrpc

that that’s from a web remote (possible a phone app). Presumably it is querying the state of the file once a second (perhaps to update an elapsed time display, or check if playback has stopped).
Disconnect the remote if you want the messages to stop or better still don’t worry about them.

I know I can expect more spamming, but this I found weird… but indeed … I started it through the Kodi app on my iPhone, and that asks for the playtime probably … thanks makes a lot of sense!