Movie & TV files scraped: file info missing [SOLVED]

Once my library has been scraped all the info about the movie or TV show is presented correctly but there is some file information missing.

I usually have the view set to Media info 2. Information missing is: HD or SD and other information such as XVID, DD5.1 and aspect ratio.

This information is only presented once the file has actually been played. In Raspbmc that information would update automatically after a library scrape has completed.

Currently using Alpha 4 and Confluence skin on Model B Pi.

I think you must be mistaken as to how Raspbmc handled this? OSMC Forums

Excellent - thanks ActionA. Just what I as after.

So two choices, either enable “Extract…” which is not recommended on Pi (this setting is in Settings - Video - File lists),
or play the file one time and you have the information.

The option to extract which is in settings - video - file lists is no longer available.

Did you enable Advanced/Expert settings profile?

Thanks ActionA - the one thing Imdidn’t check - Expert settings. Had it set to Expert in Raspbmc and didn’t even cross my mind to check in OSMC.

I was so used to how Raspbmc was set up, running OSMC now from fresh start isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.

Thank you.