Movie/TV scraper stopped working


The scraper wont find new movies.
I do as i always do, update libary but it wont add the new ones.
The plugin “Missing Movies” sees the missing movies and it finds them whitout editing the title/search.

I went to TMDB to take a look at something that didn’t scrape and saw their web site was having issues. I would recommend trying again later and see if your issue resolves itself.

The TMDB site seems to work fine for me?! The scraper haven’t worked for some days now.

Are you running the latest plugin?

I had a similar issue a while back and it turned out I was running an older plugin and TMDB had stopped support for the API calls it used.

I moved to “Universal Movie Scraper” and now its working again.

Just in case anyone comes along looking for scraper solutions, I’ve taken a different approach since I have started using Kodi for TV Shows. I’ve moved exclusively to local info only.

The key to this is using a separate dedicated media manager from a desktop or laptop. MediaElch is what I prefer. While it is true that these media managers utilize the same scrapers as Kodi, the option to download fanart, actor images, and all the episode information is much more robust. Plus the ability to edit the summary, plot, title, dates, … pretty much everything you don’t want to fool with your TV remote. After you have edited all of the information you want on a movie or TV show, you jut have the manager tell Kodi to sync with your changes. It’s pretty great actually. When saving all of this information to the local library, you can rebuild your entire library or add another Kodi client on your network within minutes.

I have approximately 11,000 episodes and 650 movies to give a rough estimate of library size. I think it took me 20 minutes to go from fresh install fully scraped video library.