Movie & TV-Shows Merged?

Hey guys,
This may be an obvious question or answer but I’m scratching my head over it. haha
I have, on my NAS, my media split into separate folders; Movies, TV-Shows & Music. The Kodi’s GUI “Movies” tab source, points to the “Movie” folder on my NAS likewise with “TV-Shows” & “Music”
However, for some strange reason when someone selects and opens the movies tab, all the movies, as well as the TV-Shows from the NAS, are all shown…
Only affects the movies tab and not the TV-Shows or music tabs…
oh I’ve also tried cleaning the library.
Would anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!

I’m guessing you’re using a skin that lets you customise what these folders point to. The OSMC skin lets you do this and it also has an option to revert back to default. The fix would depend on the skin though.

Nope, just the default stock skin.

I would assume by “stock” you mean the OSMC skin as the other skin that comes preinstalled would be very difficult to make this change with. If this is the case then you would go to settings>interface>configure skin>general>customize home menu>Movies>restore menu items

Sorry I had forgotten to mention that I had also tried restoring the menu items, also

Can you change you skin to Estuary and confirm the issue is not present in that skin?

Yep same thing with Estuary,

And we are definitely talking about “Movies” in the Home screen and not Video>files>movies? In Estuary I don’t even know how that would be possible. As such I really don’t know anything to suggest other than starting over again from scratch.

yeah, correct, the “movies” menu item displayed on the home screen. I was reluctant to remove, clean then readd the source and have possibly since found the probable course? :slight_smile: Under the settings: “media > General > Files” there is an option “Show Parent Folder Items”, I turned this off, cleaned the video library and Voilà, it’s fixed it’s self… haha :smile:

So when you say your movies and TV shows were merged you weren’t talking about the actual content being show together but rather something more like this?

oh no, ah so the item category in the main GUI “Movies” was showing both my movie content as well as TV-Show content (both are stored in different folders on the NAS) that the bizarre thing. Whereas the “TV-Show” menu item was correctly showing only TV-Shows.

Can you post a picture of movies being displayed with TV shows as you describe?

oh ah, sorry I didn’t think to take a photo of that…