Movies and tv shows lags, maybe due to memory?

I run the movie baggage claim, and within 1 minute it starts to lag, if I log at debug, 1 cpu core is 100% and memory stagnates at about 622/7xx MB so I think this might be the issue, I just dont know why it goes so high?

Here is my log, it was too big to upload with MyOSMC

Is it possible to print out what is using memory on hte system at a given instant? Also is it possible to list all addons intalled? because they seem to be in different categories

I have a RPi3

You seem to have the Pi1 build installed.

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:confused: I just used Download - OSMC and chose the windows installer, shoudlnt that work? btw where do you see that. And if thats the case, isnt it wierd that wireless works?

This would be a clue:

Host CPU: ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l), 4 cores available
21:48:32 8.948867 T:1956774832 NOTICE: ARM Features: Neon disabled

If you really have a pi3 you have to select it in the installer.

I thought I did that, is there a way to make a copy of my current install of the SD card and then try another install?

Hmmm. Probably I am wrong here…
Pi 1 should be armv6.

In this case… can you give us info about the file? What codec etc.
Use mediainfo.