Movies not scanning to library, only under one user

I created a second user “Children” for all of my children’s content a long time ago.
It has always worked just fine.
I added a new video and I can’t get it to scan to the library.
If I go to files and highlight it and choose scan to library I get no information found.
I put another file on and it does the same thing.
Under the master user account, new items scan into the library without any issues.
So I enabled logging, did a reboot, told it to scan, and uploaded the log.

Maybe unrelated, maybe not, I noticed a bunch of my fan art is 1280x720 now and some posters are 540 I think.
And the background image for my master user account looks super low resolution too.
I’m thinking that’s unrelated though.

Go into your add-ons on the Kids account and make sure the scraper your using is enabled and updated. If your using nfo files that is a potential area to have issues. Also make sure that settings>media>videos>use video tags> is NOT enabled.

As for the artwork perhaps that was art that was cached before you added that advancedsettings.xml. That only sets future cache sizing. You would have to delete the cache for everything to get the updated resolution you set.

Maybe also check the source scraper settings on the kids account to see if the ‘are in a folder matching’ option is selected since those two paths your talking about with that option wouldn’t scrape.

That was the problem.
I would have never thought to check that.
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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