Movies not showing up in Movies folder?

I copied about 60gb worth of films/videos from 2 USB’s into /home/Movies in OSMC. When I am using SSH and I navigate to the directory and list all items, they all show up (they’re all mp4s) there are two folders under movies, films1 and films2 from then different USB’s. The films have copied okay.

However, they’re not showing up any other way. I used samba to navigate to them on my windows PC and nothing shows up in the folder, and they do not show up when I go to videos>files>add videos and select the movies folder as the location. Also, no other folders show after movies In the file explorer.

How do I get my videos to show up?

It’s because you’ve not scraped (Indexed) them into the library.

Thank you! It was this + another reason. I hadn’t indexed them but they were not showing up in the first place as I made a movie folder somewhere else by mistake instead of the default one already made in OSMC. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: