Movies played on Vero outrun subtitles

Dear friends,
after verifying this with 3 titles I can say it for sure.

I am watching a TV series and downloading Synced subtitles from Been doing this for some 40 episodes in the past when I had RaspBMC running on RPi without any problems.

Now it’s 3 episodes of the same TV series that end up with the audio/video running faster than the subtitles and at the end of a 40 mins episodes the subtitles are delayed by a few seconds.

Did anyone else notice this behaviour ?

Is there any further test I can perform ?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried testing subtitles from a different TV series or movie? How about from a different subtitle site? Your tests are so similar that I’m not surprised they all exhibit the same delay.

No I haven’t but as I stated I think the subs flagged as sync on this series from this site have been invariable in sync with the prior 40 episodes or so and the only thing that has changed since it’s Vero versus the RPi …

Might it be a valid experiment if I downloaded a movie that should last say 10 minutes and actually measure the time it takes to be played with a stopwatch ?


The way to be sure it’s a problem with Vero would be to compare the same video/subtitle on the Vero and the RPi.

The best way would be to post a debuglog - so that somebody could look into the issue.