Movies with Category Set Not Displaying Cover

I have set a directory as well as the sub directories as Movies accordingly.
For some reason (vero skin) some Movies do not show their cover under the movie category. (it does when in file view).
Also only a handful of the movies show background art when hovering over a movie, instead of the default skin background.
I’ve tried cleaning the library and updating (I think anyway) and I cannot get this to work properly.

I have patched up to latest…

Not sure what to do.?

Are you using nfo files? In file view I think it will display local art but when in Library view it will display whatever artwork that is set in the database to be displayed, which depending on how it was scanned, may not include local files. If there is only a few movies with this issue then the easiest fix may be to highlight a movie, bring up the information window, and there will be an option to manually select art. If there is no art displayed, and you don’t have local art for that item, then you will have to use the refresh button to pick it up a new list from the scraper.

yes i am using nfo files.
i have a poster.jpg as well as a folder.jpg and neither show.
when i go to manually choose it and look at the directory it shows the cover.
once manually selected it showed the cover in the movies listing.
however there is quite a few missing that i’d rather not have to do this manually for each.
i can’t figure out why 20% don’t work… all my media was formatted the exact same way…

scraping seems annoying since it’s based on file name instead of folder name…which doesnt’ necessarily match perfectly with the movie name…

That’s a Kodi design. For movies it’s the filename that the scraper uses. For TV shows it uses the folder.

If all of your movies are in seperate folders, and your scraper options are set with “movies are in a seperate folder…” option, AND your NOT using nfo files, then it uses the folder name. If you are using nfo files then what movie gets scrapped is determined by the nfo file contents. I strongly suspect your issue with the problem movies are with the nfo files either having errors or outdated or just incorrect information. If you refresh a movie and choose the option to ignore local info it scrapes correctly doesn’t it?

yes a manual scrape just worked… i’ll try turning off nfo files, if i can figure out where that is…

You can’t turn that off in Kodi. If they are there the normal library scan will use them. You will have to delete them from the source itself.

uh oh now i’ve done it… i had a parent folder called movies, then in there I had sub dir’s one for cartoons, documentaries,… then in each sub-dir i had movies in their own directory…

i removed the parent and now all are gone… whoops.

I thought it would have been understood I meant to remove only the nfo files :grin:

oh no I understood… i think the sub-dir may have been causing some issue
i dont mind re-doing to clean this up. :slight_smile:

i’ll report back with my findings … this’ll take a bit… but i think it’s worth it.

You can have the sub directories if you prefer. I use the filenames personally for the scraper, but still have movies in separate directories. An example from my library:

brian@auton /media/Xanxia/Movies/n/North to Alaska(1960) $ ls
'North to Alaska(1960).dvd.mkv'

so far so good… posters for ones that were missing are coming back and also the background art is working again.
i think i know what happened…
this clean up was needed due to a hard drive switch… i think the DB was pointing to the old stuff…

Just a FYI. If you prefer for some reason to have your movies in categories an option is to set them all as separate source paths under a single multi-path source. I could see this useful perhaps for someone who wants to use a file paths to setup playlists or widgets.

that’s not a bad idea, it’d be nice to separate the kids movies… i’m not quite sure i understand how to accomplish that…

As for the source you can either just make seperate sources or edit a source and click on the ‘add’ button which will make all the file paths show up as if there contents were in the same base folder. Either way the actual file paths will still be stored in the database so you can use them as a way of separating off the content. To make separate menu items it depends on what skin your using. If your using the OSMC skin then there is a couple different ways on how to accomplish this task [here].