Movies with multiple files

I have a library that has some movies as multiple files. For example, I might have a movie with two media files “my_movie_part1.mp4” and “my_movie_part2.mp4”. Or a bunch of outtakes of a movie creating 11 files total in the folder, such as “my_movie.mp4” and 10 other mp4 files that are the outtakes. This ends up creating 11 entries in the movies area of the same title name.

How can I make it only show 1 title in the movies section and just play the second file, third file, etc after the movie itself? I think I have had kodi do this in the past but can’t remember how I did it before.

Based on this it should be A/B/C… instead of part1,part2…
So if you don’t want to do the renaming that need to use substitute entries.

I think the problem is how you named them, according to the Kodi entry on this, it has to be an extension, so it should be my_movie.part1.mp4 my_movie.part2.mp4 etc.

I can give you only one hint: Join the parts! Mkvtoolnix does this for MKV files.

Maintaining stacked files is a pain in the a** and will lead to trouble sooner or later. Get it right one time and they will never be an issue again!

I researched this once and noped right out of there…multiple issues in both Emby and Kodi…just my 5 cents.

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And, it can automatically insert chapter marks at each joined file. Look at “Generating chapters” on the Output tab of MKVToolnix GUI.

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I actually don’t have many split titles. All of my movies are together. But sometimes there are extra clips or scenes that I want to keep but I don’t want to combine with the movie. It’s like saying there is no season 0 (specials) for tv shows so just merge them all together and make it an extra episode. I don’t want to do that. It’s a different file for a reason.

Back in the day when I used to get movies that would split on two CDs I would merge them automatically. I’m very familiar with the process. It’s just not something I want to do in this case though. However, thanks for the suggestion!

OK well that’s something! Do you happen to have any sources for this info by chance?


I’m not sure what you are reading on that post… From what I see it supports A-D, part#, cd#, dvd#, pt#, disk# and disc#. This is a great source that might get me on the right path though.

Thanks for the info!

That’s correct, it supports part#, so my_movie.part1.mkv, my_movie.part2.mkv etc. or my_movie.cd1.mkv or my_movie.dvd1.mkv will also work. The page is rather vague about exactly how the file should be named. I’ver personally used movie.cd1.mkv and it works. According to that page, moviepart1 should also work, but I personally would use the . as it reads better.

Thanks for pointing it out for sure. I’m going to go ahead and join all the extra outtakes together for my Serenity (2005) movie and then I will have two files. I’m going to try to use the part1 and part2 method to see what results I get.

OK, joining makes only sense for multi part movies (e.g. CD1/CD2).

For extras i create a folder “extras” in the movie folder and dump them all there - but i’m using Emby server + Emby for Kodi Add-On so this stuff gets handled by them.

I don’t know the exact procedure for a pure Kodi solution but i’m sure this use case is taken care of somehow (For movies there is an “Extras” Add-On for example).

For all TV material I just use the “season 0” identifier for the special from, this may be what you are doing already. For bonus content on films where an identifier is not available for the scraping utility, I name it something sensible and switch to browsing by folder in order to access.

One thing you could do is use the regular title for the filename with a suffix to indicate the content then fix duplicate entries in Kodi afterwards using the “Manage” function and edit its title to something sensible. I had to do this recently for a TV entry where had a single feature-length episode which was in fact a two-part episode in my region. I did not want to join the files together as this would have meant closing/opening credits half-way through, which would be silly, and I wanted my library to show Part 1 and 2 separately. I could not find a naming standard for this scenario, so I gave both files the same name apart from a _part1 / _part2 suffix, then fixed the duplicate entries in Kodi afterwards by editing their database titles. Very straightforward. You could extend this concept to “movie sets”, by manually adding extras to sets, via the manage function in the Kodi browser. Using customised movie sets might work nicely.

How was your success?
BTW, just wondered did you enable Combine split video items by default that seems disabled.