Moving current OSMC setup to a new Raspberry Pi

I’m sure that this is not a new question, but my search did not find an answer.

I want to transfer my current Raspberry Pi, OSMC/KODI setup to a new Pi. What is the recommended way to do this. Will I have to re-create my users, SAMBA client configuration, … I will have an OSMC backup as well as a KODI backup.


Well the easiest way is to just clone the SD card.
Alternative you can use the backup tool from MyOSMC. But depending on where you have spread your customized configs it might miss something.

Try this: How to Clone Your Raspberry Pi SD Cards With Windows

You can clone the SD card getting en exact copy of your setup.

@fzinken @bvdf0251 … OK, I know how to clone the SD card, but the new Pi in not the same model/version as the current one. Will that cause issues?

If not, then this method is “dead simple” :slight_smile: …EDK

Unless the new RPi is a model 4 or newer it should work. You will not hurt anything trying it anyway even if it wouldn’t work. If the new RPi is one of the newer ones then for most setups all you need is the userdata folder (/home/osmc/.kodi) which if your using profiles the backup add-ons might not grab in their entirety. I normally just install smb server, copy (in Windows) the .kodi folder using Explorer to my PC and then on the new machine SSH in and shutdown Kodi with systemctl stop mediacenter and then using Explorer connected to the new machine delete its .kodi folder and then copy over the one from the new machine. after the copy finishes you restart Kodi using SSH with systemctl start mediacenter.

If you copy between platforms (RPi, Vero, Windows, etc.) and you get a sadface loop you may need to delete .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml to get past this. Kodi must not be running while you do this for it to work. This will replace most of Kodi’s settings with defaults but it will retain profiles, libraries, CEC settings, plugins, and most of the work involved in a fresh install.

Thanks for the reply and information. The main impetus for this idea was to use an idle Pi with a PiModules UPS HAT board for OSMC/KODI. Power loss or flicker has caused me to have to repair the SD cards several times and I thought this on-board power backup would help fix that. However, when I tried the current (cloned) SD card in it, it would not even boot up. I bought a Backup power box instead. Thanks again…RDK