Moving from 1 HDD to another

This is prob’ly more of a Debian question, however, since OSMC seems to be intimately tied in, thought I’d start here.

Running latest OSMC on RPI 3. Set up to boot from uSD and run from a Hitachi 3.5" HDD. I’m now thinking of replacing the 3.5" w/a 2.5" HDD. Is there an easy (hopefully), straightforward way to do this? Or will I need to essentially start from scratch with the new HDD?

Thx in advance…

You probably have three main option

1, reinstall from scratch and do everything again yourself
2, take a backup, reinstall from scratch and then restore your backup
3, clone your hard drive to the new hard drive

For me, option 1 is the most straight forward but I have hardly any addons and very little in the way of customisation.

Attach new & old HDD to a linux box.
Format new HDD
rsync from old to new
Install new drive in Pi

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