Moving from Pi Zero W to Pi 3A+



I tried to use my Raspberry Pi Zero W OSMC SD card (Raspberry Pi 1… disk image) on my Pi 3A+ (and on my Pi 3B that’s know to work). The Pi 3A+ (and 3B) didn’t boot, but the ACT LED did flash. I have downloaded a Pi 3 image and I could try diffing it’sboot partition to my SD card’s boot partition (to see what changes between the versions) and then copy the changes to my SD card.

Is there a better way to migrate from a Pi Zero to a Pi 3A+? Why are there different images? If it’s 32/64 bits, why can’t my Pi 3A+ read the Pi 1 disk image?

Thank you!


The Pi0 is armv6l
Pi2 and later is armv7.

You will need to do a fresh install, but you could use the Backup tool in My OSMC


Thanks for the fast response!

Isn’t armv7 backwards compatible with armv6?



You will need to reinstall OSMC.


So how can Raspbian provide one download that work on Pi 0 (armv6) and Pi 3 (armv7)?

Is armv6l ≠ armv6?

I’ll (re)backup my OSMC SD card, use the backup tool, copy my personal media (/home/osmc/Music/), flash my SD card with the Pi 3 image and restore the backup in My OSMC. :+1:


Raspbian images have two kernels (ARMv6l and ARMv7) on the SD card, and provide an armv6l user land which can be used by either processor.

OSMC is not based on Raspbian and only uses the armv6l base for Pi0/1. For performance reasons, we prefer to use ARMv7 when supported.


Thank you for your answers, have a good day/night.