Moving from pi3 to vero 4k - backup what?


So on Saturday I should have a vero 4k. I currently have a pi3 and use it with a logitech harmony remote. I have lots of keys mapped and like the way it works so i want to do the same on the vero. Can I use the standard osmc backup (settings-updates-Backups) to backup my keymaps folder to my NAS and then switch the hardware and just restore it directly to the vero? Ditto for my movies/tv database?

I’d love to think it’s that simple, but is it?



Copy your /home/osmc/lircd.conf, and select it on Vero 4K.

Backup tool should handle the rest just fine.


being thick, but when you say copy and select it on Vero 4K, how do I do that? I’ve never done it like that before but I use an addon called Keymap editor. I’m using a usb ir dongle that came with a remote if that matters.



In that case, the OSMC Backup tool should restore everything. You can use a USB thumb drive to make and restore the backup

Thanks Sam.

One final mail on the subject - should I be able to download and install keymap editor on the Vero 4K as I did on my Pi3?

Is that the same for all other plugins I may want to try? Does Vero run a standard Kodi build?



Yes, they all work just fine.

Thanks all