Moving from RaspBMC to OSMC

After several years of using RaspBMC I decided to give OSMC a try. System is a Raspberry Pi B (512MB) with codec licenses for MPG2 and WVC1.

First impressions: A very easy and smooth install. Flawless. OSMC has done a great job. Great skin, too.

But then I found out that many of my videos won’t play. Probably an codec issue? These videos are MPEG-4p2, according to mkvmerge --identify. And they play without problems using the RaspBMC software on the same physical hardware.

Do I need to add more codecs to OSMC? And if so, how? Or am I overlooking something?

Try activating omxplayer in video/acceleration options

OMXplayer is activated by default. When I deactivate it, the MPEG-4p2 videos play.
However, I lose the GPU acceleration which will (probably? likely?) harm playback of other videos.
Do I see it correctly that OMXplayer is a new, RPi specific player, more powerful but supporting less video encodings, and that disabling it OSMC/Kodi will play “just like good old RaspBMC”?

I had a similiar problem with a few files not playing on my Model B, and deactivating OMXplayer did not harm playback of other videos. It’s worth a try.

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This brings me to another problem: Often, after (re)boot, OSMC comes up without functioning network connection. The RPi thinks it has a connection (all leds are on), but the system cannot be reached from outside.
Sometimes this can be cured by one or more reboots, or by dis/reconnecting the network cable, but it makes the system unreliable. For the sake of clarity, the system is to be used by people that do not have any computer-affection. Video play is initiated and controlled by an external tool.
Any ideas what could cause this problem?

Do you use a mysql library?
Kodi doesn’t like if it is disconnected.

The problem here might also be your home network config. Try to set a static ip.

No MySQL is involved.
The system is (has always been) configured for static IP.
I’m now running an alternative setup involving and additional router to see if that makes a difference.
It’s puzzling.