Moving Kodi Directory Fix

Hi All,

I posted in the CRASH… thread before it was closed.

Just wanted to say the SSH fix worked fine, i know have a clean new Kodi up…

I am just wondering as I know very little about the SSH side (i use it as a media player and it has been so perfect I have never really needed to dive into it) - the mv command has moved the kodi directory I assume? Is there anyway to bring the settings/add ons ect back across?

If no, aren’t I just better off re-installing fresh on the SD card?

Thanks friends.

Yes, correct you move the data to .kodi-backup and you can move the stuff back individual. Just for the addons you most likely have to do it 1 by 1 as one (or more of them) may not be compatible

Ah ok cool. Is this best done by Windows Explorer? i.e. plug in SD card and look for directories to shift back? I dont have that many add ons so am expecting most will work. I am a Windows guy and SSH is new to me.

The partition with OSMC is not readable under Windows.
You have two options.

  1. On Windows install winscp which will allow you to log into OSMC and giving you a graphic file manager.

  2. Login via SSH and install mc sudo apt-get install mc that will give you also a terminal file manager.

Be aware the folders are hidden so you must enable hidden folders in winscp

thanks a ton

NVM. I must have been doing something wrong…