Moving Kodi Folder/Database to SD Card

I have to agree to disagree. The use-case is pretty simple and common. What to do, if you run out of internal storage.
The only reason I’m considering this is, because all the artwork, actors’ and directors’ images, and whatnot can use up a lot of space. So there should be a standard way to workaround such a space problem. Moving the directory that is the largest off the internal storage seemed only logical.
There are a bunch of ways to do that and I hoped that the community had a best practice for it, but I was wrong.

I don’t think I could agree. Even with an extensive library the thumbnails would normally come nowhere close to overrunning that 16gb internal storage. The question is actually more of WHY this is a problem. Someone could cause an issue if they told Kodi to use an excessively large thumbnail resolution, or if they did something that left a bunch of old stranded files in the cache. The solution to those would be to fix the cause. For someone not wanting to pull new info from the interwebs they could clean up the cache. A bit more of a blunt approach is to just delete the texture13.db and the thumbnail folder and reboot.

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IIRC, we’ve had only one, maybe two users who have had this issue, so hardly a 'F’AQ. But I agree, it’s something we could put in a wiki if Kodi haven’t already done that.

In that case a link to that wiki page would be great. There’s no need to duplicate information, but referencing it could help newcomers to Vero4K.