Moving kodi to new fresh system

Hi there,

I bought hifiberry digi+ clone card (pifi digi+) and i have problem with install it. After 2 days of fighting with it, and digging i found topic Hifiberry digi+ not working with January update and info that my system is hosed :slight_smile: (as Sam called it) - i using “apt-get upgrade”… I check on new fresh system that my card works perfect. So now i want install new fresh system, and move my kodi setting ( i have a lot of plugins and repo installed) to new system.

But how i should it do? Just normal copy of ~/.kodi folder to new place? (using linux laptop)? Or only some specifict folders? Maybe use rsync? Only .kodi folder will be enough? I only want to save my kodi config, no whole system.

Thanks for help.

If you only want to backup your kodi settings than transferring ~/.kodi is good enough.
You can either use rsync or scp or …
But you also could use the OSMC backup tool

This will work.