Moving the Database without reloading

I’ve read the posts on moving. I have the documentation on saving the database.

I’ve been using RPi and OSMC for many years. Absolutely love it. I think I have the most recent RPi HW, or close to it. I considered Vero but, alas, no USB3 which is the feature that will drive me to upgrade. … and possibly, in part, what this post is about.

I use one of two setups (or have over the years).

  1. Currently I have an RPi with a HDD connected directly to one of the USB ports. I run Samba for access. For various reasons I can only use WiFi at the moment and it’s all quite slow (adding movies). Playing is fine, although they are fairly slow to load.

  2. Same basic setup except instead of the storage being on a local (USB attached) HDD it’s on another machine and shared (Probably Windows 10 with a share and then mounting it on the RPi via the fstab).

For solutions:

  1. I may try to run a cable. Difficult but possible but that still leaves the drive on a USB2 port.

  2. The other option is to move from 1 to 2 - USB to SMB. Mounting the drive on a Win10 machine, with a USB3 connection and then sharing / mounting that.

Any thoughts, preferences or experiences?

While I will certainly backup the DB first, any ideas on how to move everything without hurting the database? I have a watchdog running that deletes things when they disappear (or are moved). I can easily (I think) create a symlink so the RPi / OSMC won’t even be able to tell the data has moved, but I’m worried about the transition period. Any thoughts?

Thanks for any advice. No worries if there is none. I just want a sanity check and hopefully I can avoid having to do this multiple times (or corrupting the DB).

The MyOSMC add-on has a backup feature already included that will save your Kodi config including db (if it’s not MySQL setup).

Thank you, that’s helpful. It’s much easier than the two pages of instructions I printed out from the Wiki. :slight_smile: