MP3 files in the Videos' Folders - How to Play Them?


I’ve been using my Vero 4K+ for a while and have been always learning some new stuff or finding out new unexpected stuff.

I create specific folders for the movies and TV series, following Kodi’s best practices and normally create and edit the NFO files using Tinymediamanager (TMM), which also scraps posters, backgrounds, etc. for each one.

While browsing the folders and the content in them, I found several MP3 files that TMM downloaded automatically and they contain excerpts of those movies and TV series’ OSTs.

Is there a function in Kodi that plays them? Or does it require a specific plugin and configuration?

I use a screensaver that pans the movies and TV series’ posters and other graphic content from the folders, so it would be cool to make Kodi also play those OST files while running that screensaver. Any way to do it? I did not find anything in Kodi about it.


This isn’t a topic I’ve ever looked into before but a quick search seemed to provide an add-on to add theme music playback to Kodi libraries…

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use advancedsettings.xml and add mp3 to video file extension.

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Thanks everyone! I’ve been away for a bit and hope to get back to tinkering with my 4K+.

How does this work? Do I need to do an SSH and edit the XML file?

it’s a KODi Thing: