MPD package with SACD/DVD-A ISO support

Tux at Archphile has already started a unoffical MPD package with SACD/DVD-A ISO support.

Here is the link to the details:

Can we have this MPD SACD ISO support incorporated into OSMC?

An APP store add-on should also work.

OSMC would be the best HT all in one in that case.

Currently running a Pi 2, would be great if it works for it. :slight_smile:

Thank s alot.

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This is a complete fringe use-case and probably never be used/requested except by a very few users. I can’t imagine what is stopping you from simply installing this yourself just as you installed MPD.

Something new about SACD/DVD-A ISO support? Or DSD files (with or without passthrough)? Can maybe Vero 4K handle this formats? If yes I’d be interested to buy a Vero 4K device. :slight_smile: