Multi channel audio HDMI output

Hi, I just got my Vero 2 yesterday in the mail. Hooked it up and everything works great except for one thing. I can’t seem to get any multi channel audio out to my receiver. I haven’t enabled passthrough, since my understanding is that OSMC/Vero needs to do the audio decoding and send out as PCM to the receiver if i want the “sync video to display” to work correctly. To resample the audio it needs to be decoded before sent to the receiver, right? Those few movies I have that have a stereo soundtrack play fine, but multi-channel doesn’t work. It’s not even down mixed to stereo, meaning that no audio is being sent through. This worked flawlessly on the Raspberry Pi 3 I had before. Another related question: If I get this working, can the Vero2 decode DTS-HD and TrueHD and send out as multi-channel PCM. The Pi3 seemed to be able to do that.


Enable passthrough.


You would be better off enabling passthrough instead of streaming the audio as PCM. This will probably give you better audio in almost all situations (unless a bit-perfect decoder like dcadec is used). The Vero 2 doesn’t support DTS-HD or TrueHD at this time. This may change in the future.


Thanks, but enabling passthrough only passes through DTS and Dolby D, not DTS-HD or True HD. Files with an LPCM 5.1 track don’t playback at all with or without passthrough enabled. I had passthrough disabled when running OSMC on my Pi 3, and everything played back as it was supposed to DTS-HD, Dolby True HD and 5.1 LPCM was all output as “Multi-Channel In” on my Denon receiver, meaning it was all decoded by OSMC/Pi 3 and sent out as discrete 5.1 to my receiver. If I want “sync playback to display” with “resample audio” to work correctly, the audio needs to be decoded before it is sent to the receiver, because encoded audio cannot be resampled.

You can enable AC3 transcoding for this. You shouldn’t notice a loss in audio quality. The Vero 2 does not support multi-channel audio at this time unless the audio is being passed through.

OK. Thanks. Can you enlighten me, does the sync video to display (and thus the 23,976 FPS for blu-rays speedup to 24FPS for my TV) with resample audio still work even if the decoding is done by my receiver? Second question: Any timeframe for when we can expect DTS-HD, TrueHD and 5.1 LPCM to be supported?


Using Sync Playback to Display with passthrough enabled doesn’t make much sense. As I understand, Sync Playback to Display is useful for say, devices that don’t support fractional refresh rates. It effectively speeds up the audio if necessary to keep A/V in sync. The Vero 2 does fractional refresh rates however, so I think the best settings would be Adjust Refresh Rate set to Always, and passthrough enabled.

There isn’t one yet but it’s being worked on.


Thanks! Sorry, but one final question: How do I set the Vero to transcode LPCM 5.1. to AC3? Or is it done automatically if passthrough is enabled?

I believe there is an option called ‘Enable AC3 transcoding’.


I can’t seem to find it. Under which menu should it be?

You likely need to enable Expert Mode under Settings.