Multi client setup

I am looking to build a setup with at least 2 clients running OSMC on Pi 3b+ with a Digibit R1 as the source.

Can I run a TVheadend backend and front end on each Pi and have recording done locally on each one. Would this be a problem with 2 Tvheadends accessing the Digibit R1

Or would it be better for me to have another Pi 3b+ running as just a backend server and proving the recording, with the other Pis acting as the front end clients.

I’d keep all tuners on one system. Easier to maintain.

Thanks Sam

I will go for a separate backend with its own Pi.
I am also now also thinking of having a couple of OSMC DVB-T2 tuners on it. Would the Pi3b+ be powerful enough to serve several fronten client from the Sat>ip box and the DVB-T tuners?
Or would I be better off using a Pi 4 with LibreELEC and Tvhead end installed.

More than sufficient.
If you’re going to use a couple of tuners, just make sure your PSU is up to scratch or you’ll otherwise need a powered hub.

Thanks Sam.