Multi disc movie

I have a 2 disc movie, Cleopatra, that I ripped as 2 ISO files. I rip all my movies to ISO. The movie is named Cleopatra.disc1.bluray.iso and Cleopatra.disc2.bluray.iso and are stored on my server. The problem is my Vero 4k+ won’t play the file. I get the sad face and Kodi restarts.

I know the file will play because my Zidoo X9S can play it just fine. The Zidoo will play the file with Kodi or the external player. I do have other 2 disc movies (they are 3D) that the Vero won’t play. I get the same results, the sad face and Kodi restarts.

I believe Kodi has a problem with stacked files right now but why won’t the Vero play the first file at all?

It seems that Kodi 18 doesn’t like 2 ISO files in the same movie folder which is what you have to do to play stacked files. Once I removed one file Kodi would play the remaining file.

My Zidoo is using Kodi 17 and that will play the first ISO file in the movie folder but it won’t play stacked files either.

Because it doesn’t seem the stacked file problem is going to be fixed any time soon, I re-ripped the movie to MKV and merged the 2 files together and that plays fine.

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