Multi-Room ability

I wonder wether it would be possible to create a multi-room environment where I connect multiple speakers in different rooms to play music from my OSMC running on a Raspi 2B.
I detected this topic, (Multi-room stream music?) but since there is no answer, I thought it permissible to post anew.
Thank you

not with OSMC what you want is Squeezebox server or simular services, im using a squeezebox server and i got players in each room that can play diffrent or synced playlists along with squeezebox a streaming service to my phone so i dont have to use Spotify

two distros that have the server pretty much preconfigured so you dont have to mess around or you could use my guide and install the server on your OSMC installation

or subsonic for that matter

hope that helps

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Hello Toast,
thank you very much for your interesting answer.
This is a very elaborate solution.
I will have to study this before installing.
Thanks again

Another solution is to buy an AV receiver with dual zone and use both the analogue head phone jack and the HDMI ports on the RPi. Note that most AVRs only allow stereo or non digital sources to the second zone as they lack decoders for the second zone. This solution though gives you 5.1 AC3/DTS audio in the primary zone (sitting room etc) and stereo audio in the second zone (kitchen etc) simultaneously via the same audio source or a single source (e.g. RPi) in an individual zone.

Thanks very much.
This all sounds very interesting - but also a bit technical.
I believe, I must gather more knowledge in this matter
Thanks again

Or you can put an RPi 2B with a HiFiBerry Amp+ into each room and use Pulseaudio in multicast mode. Your OSMC RPi would be the sender, all other RPis would be receivers.