Multichannel audio incorrectly mapped


Didn’t see that in the release notes…

The reason for that is because it wasn’t marked as fix; but there were other audio changes to improve things for some users. It’s still on the list, but I don’t have a solution for this just yet.

It would be interesting to know if reverting ALSA configuration (make a backup first), helps.

I installed 2017.07-1 and the audio is incorrectly mapped. I also overwrote /usr/share/alsa/cards/AML-M8AUDIO.conf with the older config you provided and rebooted and that didn’t fix it either. Back to 2017.05-2 for me. Any progress here?

Not yet – I’m struggling to reproduce this problem at the moment. Hopefully we can get this resolved for the next update


Ok, if there’s anything I can do to provide Alsa-level debugging info or something like that, let me know…

Cheers – will do.


if it helps at all, i just tested with 5.1 channel WAV files and it’s still mapped incorrectly … just to make sure the issue isn’t with decoding any of the formats and to be certain it’s with the actual output pipeline.

Thanks for clarifying. I hope I can get a chance to look at this over the weekend


Added the 5.1 WAV file to my original post in case it helps your testing

Much appreciated

Hi Sam,

Any news on this topic? Yesterday I played a DTS multichannel file (music) and the output was white noise. Vero is connected to dts/dts hd capable processor. Passthrough was on. When passthrough turned off, music plays in 2.0, maybe this helps your investigation.

Cheers, Marc.

Hi Marc

I don’t think that’s related to the problem reported here, so I’d recommend starting a new thread. If you’re using passthrough, you won’t exhibit problems with audio channel mapping.

It sounds like you may have configured your audio settings incorrectly.


An update would be nice as it’s getting close to the August release with no progress that I can see. I’m still stuck on the May release which means correct multichannel audio but no support for 10bit video.

The August update will land in the next couple of days,

Unfortunately I can’t replicate this problem anymore, but I will work with another user to try and resolve this.

10-bit works if you use the 10-bit experimental thread. I’d actually be much obliged if you could let me know if the problem appeared in that new kernel. It would definitely help bissect the problem.


Channels are incorrectly mapped with the 10bit test kernel

This issue still exists after the August update.

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As I also posted in the other thread opened by @heimkino-hacki (I honestly think, it’s about the same issue as he’s also mentioning multichannel FLAC files): still only stereo playback with multichannel music files with the August update although the Vero triggers the AVR to show multichannel channel layout… But center and surrounds stay silent.

I can’t really understand this… How can you not replicate this when it seems that it’s just not working for everybody here? Every multichannel FLAC file I tested (16bit or 24bit, 48kHz or 192kHz) trigger a multichannel playback layout with my AVR, but 3 of the 5 cannels contain no sound. So, it’s not related to the properties of the file, but simply to the file containing surround music information.

What makes it even more strange: as I remember correctly, the multichannel playback used to work before the 192kHz improvements, but there was clicking and some strange noise coming from the surround channels… This was discussed somewhere here before, too. So: multichannel audio never really worked as far as I remember. But now, there’s just surround silence.



I’m testing on a Sony AMP here.
PM me an affected file and I will look in to it first thing tomorrow.


Experiencing the same symptoms/issues since the June update but with multi channel AAC. The problems are linked, you would think. Multi channel AAC is displayed as multi channel PCM on the avr, but sound is output only to FR and FL.

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AAC passthrough isn’t possible, so it will be decoded to LPCM and streamed to the receiver.
The issue seems to only present with PCM (not passthrough)