Multichannel PCM output over HDMI

Hi all

I really like my Vero 4K - and DD/DTS/True HD/DTS HD MA audio bitstreaming is working well into my Denon AVR (HDMI 2.0a compatible)

However I have some content that has multichannel PCM 5.1 tracks - but these are only replaying in stereo on my Vero 4K running OSMC.

On other Kodi platforms they play in 5.1 PCM. My Audio set-up in System Settings is set to 5.1 for Number of channels.

Do I need to do anything else to get them to play properly? (Apologies if I’ve missed something - a quick forum search didn’t show anything)


For now, set channels to 7.1 (Fixed).
There’s also a fix here: Multichannel audio incorrectly mapped - #50 by sam_nazarko for mapping. This will be included in the next update