multimedia buttons


Hello all.

I’m running a raspberry pi 3+ with the official 10" touchscreen and a hifiberry dac+. I’ve got osmc up and running with all the hardware working correctly. the issue i have is when playing music … specifically the on screen controls for the player. either there are no buttons displayed or they are so tiny that you need a tooth pick to use them. Just to clarify when i say buttons i mean the standard play / pause - stop - skip forward and skip back buttons.

Osmc has been updated to the 05/22/2019 official image from osmc.

I hope someone can point me in a better direction than what my failed google fu has done.

Thanks for any and all help and have a good day.


Tried a different skin?


yes i have. I’ve tried the Estouchy skin for touch screens and confluence over the stock skin and neither seem to have what I am looking for.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Are their media transport buttons just as small? Or is it just that those skins aren’t appealing to you?


there either extremely small or not there. if there is an option to resize them or a skin that has them at a reasonable size.

To put this in better context i’m trying to set this up to be a music player in my car (2010 honda accord lx). I have an aux in for my car stereo and it’s just a basic head unit and to replace the head unit is a pita as half the dash has to be removed and it’s not a standard din or double din setup. Figured the raspberry pi with osmc would be the easy solution.


Use of a touchscreen with a media player software that was designed for a 10ft screen is a bit of a niche use case. In my own research, I have noted that there are users who have created their own skins for the very purpose you fall into here though. I would start here to find out where to acquire his skin?


It’s a 10 inch screen and i figured it would be fairly easy / straight forward to get something up and running since it’s not a new thing or idea.

Thanks for the help and the link to the car pc thread. I have some homework to do.