Multimedia, film: external audio, display info about audio and subs

I’m moving my entire collection of films from DVDs to hard drive. But sometimes I have torrents downloaded from sources, that provide external audio files for films, that is other language tracks, that haven’t been muxed into film. This not bad idea and keeps files smaller, and let folks exclude unwanted tracks easy.

Since this option exist on torrents and is readily avail for everyone would be great if OSMC would enable us to play external audio without remuxing.

Another idea I have is, that we could have information on what audio tracks and subtitles are available for the film before playing and make them searchable too. From time to time I watch films in multinational group of people - but I never remember what film have what.

Hope I didn’t miss any feature that is already present :slight_smile: and that if implemented will make some folks even more stunned with OSMC capabilities!

Thanks for reading.