Multiple Audio Simultaneously

Hey guys,
Firstly I would just like to say, Sam and the team have done an amazing job and provide exceptional support!
Now that I have properly configured the Vero TV, my family and I are absolutely loving it! I have previously owned 4 or 5 different media players in the past, and nothing even comes close to this! I was considering buying a NVIDIA Shield to watch media, so glad I didn’t though!
Thanks to some helpful users on here, I have been able to connect my Bose-QC35 Bluetooth headphones with perfect results and no lag issues what so ever; using the command: pactl set-card-profile bluez_card.2C_41_A1_4F_54_1A a2dp_sink
My question is this: Am I able to have the audio going to both Bluetooth and TV’s speakers/3.5mm jack?
Thanks and I hope everyone keeps safe!

I guess your question is sound going to bluethooth and HDMI/3,5mm jack simultaneously (because one at a time works in normal setup). That design is currently not possible (as I answered in your original thread already).

You would have to see what you could do with pulseaudio but be aware that the bluetooth audio stack might be changed in the future which might then need another solution.

For now – unfortunately not. But we are working on a dual audio stack as well as significant Bluetooth improvements.



Oops sorry, I completely missed and forgot about that thread! my bad.
Bluetooth seems to be working well including switching automatically between HDMI and other BT devices when connected, Thanks for all your help by the way!! :slight_smile:

Thats wonderful news to hear. you’ve probably heard the question/request more times then you would like to count! Keep up the amazing work!