Multiple Bluetooth Controllers

I’m just wondering if anyone has successfully paired two bluetooth gaming controllers to the Vero 4K, or know if it’s possible. If not, how about multiple wireless gaming controllers?

The easiest way may be to add a Bluetooth dongle via USB.


Not directly related to bluetooth but I successfully paired two xbox 360 controllers using the official wireless dongle attached via usb.

Can you only attach 1 item at a time with the in-built bluetooth? I’ve been meaning to pair a keyboard but I already have a remote paired.

Who can answer @rhodesda ? :slight_smile:

I want to connect two PS4 wireless controllers for multiplayer Arcade games, but is it even possible?

@acidduck one year later and yes its possible

Awesome! … and without a dongle at all?

you need ds4drv for that

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@benfolkman Is there allready a solution to this? Got a 8bitdo sf30 pro …