Multiple IR commands

Hi big Sam,
I had to registerer a new account because I can not log in with my old one.

I am not able to say that this issue became with one of the last update, unfortunately.

I have being using OSMC on a raspberry Pi 3B with an IR transistor connected to the GPIO port since years without any issue.
My remote is a logitech harmony configured as windows media center remote. for this scenario

Now, I’m facing a frustrating issue: often, when I press a button, OSMC received multiple commands. For example, If I scroll my movie list, sometimes, it skips a lot of lines. You can image what happen if I try to skip on 10 sec while playing something…

I have tried to reconfigure my remote, in which I can setup the timing between multiple commands but, also using the slower configuration, the issue doesn’t change.

Could you help me to look at a solution, please?
Happy new year


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The TSOP could be getting some interference.
When did this issue start occurring?