Multiple OSMC RPi's in One Room w. Logitech Harmony


Been using OSMC both on RPi and more recently a Vero4k for a while now, and its been a great experience.

I am looking for some guidance/advice for a specific setup I am looking to achieve in my Bar/ManCave in my home. I am looking to setup one large main TV, with 3 smaller auxiliary TVs. Each TV must be able to display video from an independent source (multiple football games at once, or basketball games etc). Audio will be played via a Denon AV receiver on the main large TV.

This should be fairly easy to accomplish by installing OSMC on 4 RPis, each hooked up to its own TV. Where I need help is in the configuration of one remote control for all via Logitech Harmony 650 all in one remote. I have used this dongle in the past to add IR capabilities to my media server and RPi instance of OSMC ( However, it seems that any time I move the blaster from device to device, the Logitech Remote programming is retained. Where this worries me is that I will not be able to achieve independent IR control of each OSMC on each RPi.

I guess I am looking for the best way to accomplish IR control of each OSMC instance independently, while also maintaining the use of a universal remote. I was thinking there must be a way to program the frequencies each OSMC uses for a particular button press, but am completely lost as to how to accomplish it. Any help or tips for reading would be appreciated. Thanks!

Want to control 4 OSMC RPis independently in the same room. Have no clue how to achieve independent IR control using a Logitech IR Remote.

Edit: I thought about CEC, but since the TVs are all from the same manufacturer, remote codes are the same.

I’m no expert, but if you can’t figure it out with the CEC function, maybe you could try a phone app (Yatse, for Android comes to mind).

Good luck.

Thats a good idea.

I forgot all about the android app Kodi remotes. Ideally, I’d like to keep one remote for volume, the tvs and OSMC, but this is a great fallback. Appreciate it!

I have a pi and a Vero4k in the same room and control them with a Harmony 650.
I simply used two different IR remote profiles:

  • xbox360
  • Hama MCE

Why not looking for two further wide spread/often used IR remotes and configure them for the other pis?

Hm, that sounds like a good idea. So basically in the Harmony setup, configure each device as a unique remote type (media center, xbox etc), then pick that remote as the remote profile within OSMC.

Ill give this a shot, with my test Pi today and report back!


Where did you get the Hama MCE remote profile? Found it in Harmony no problem, but do not see the profile within the MyOSMC section on the Pi

You don’t have to explicitly set a profile for MCE remote profiles.

Hmm, I still wasnt getting a response from OSMC when using the Hama MCE as my entry into Harmony.

Oh well, I figured out how to manually build remote maps using irrecord, and have been doing that. Its a bit of a PITA but have been able to successfully get my PI and Vero to operate independently when using the Harmony remote.