Multiple questions from a clean install

I tried alpha1 a long time ago but it was not ready for my use but now I’m trying alpha4 on my new Pi2 and I’m having a few issues off a clean install.

I can’t get WiFi to work, likely cause is that I have spaces in my password. Is that the problem and can it be fixed since changing it on the router would cause massive problems with having to change over 50 other devices.

I setup the WiFi in OSMC installer but what I assume is the correct place in OSMC it self (Could use labels instead of just icons) just has blank squares

Just curious since that area doesn’t work but will OSMC have better network management and allow multiple networks to be configured and moved between? I usually will need it tethered to my phone for control but when I’m home I would like it to use my regular network.

For my video output I’m getting bad colour video since I can’t turn off the use of limited range in the settings. I do have expert settings level set. On my XBMCbuntu system the correct option is
system > video output > use limited colour range
I need that off on OSMC but can’t find it

Also when reading the boot config file I noticed the arm_freq was 850 (I know that is default on old models) is that actually what the Pi2 is using or is it ignored. If that is what it is using congrats on how smooth OSMC is on what would be a underclocked Pi2

Most of your questions/issues will be answered/fixed soon when OSMC-Stable is released.

Thanks, what ones are not going to be fixed so I have time to try and figure out a workaround?

AFAIK all of them are fixed, but you could always backup your current sdcard image and give Alpha4 a bash.

I’m on alpha4 this is a fresh install from today

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

I had read that unlike raspbmc I could do that, but I had spaced and forgot.