Multiple remote selection through My OSMC

Currently, when you pick a remote from the remote chooser in My OSMC, you can only pick one. What this means is that the default OSMC remote is disabled if you pick something else. Having the OSMC RF remote enabled while you also have another one is great in case something goes wrong.

It’s not hard to do this manually using the shell, but for non-technical users, that might be a lot to expect, and if you get it wrong, you might not have any remote.

When you select an OSMC remote profile, you are selecting an LIRC config.
We don’t have plans to support multiple configurations or concatenate them as this will cause problems.

The OSMC RF remote does not require a selected profile (it uses eventlircd) and the OSMC profile in My OSMC is for the IR remote we manufactured, which had a more limited run.


Strange. My RF remote stopped working after I picked the Hauppauge remote from the list. A reboot (which restarts lircd) didn’t fix it, but a reboot after concatenating the files did.

When you say ‘your RF remote’ – are you talking about the OSMC one? It does not depend on a LIRC profile; udev handles the correct profile automatically.