Multiple screens in Kodi after Oct OSMC update

Hi, On occasion after watching something and going back to the Kodi menus, the screen image will replicate itself one or more times vertically to the right. I have to reboot the Vero to restore things back to normal and then it repeats the problem again after a few viewings.
Since this has only happened after the update, it is probably related to the update but could coincidently be an equipment issue with my Vero 4 if nobody else has this issue.
Any idea what might be wrong? Here is the pic (blurred by me. It seams to overlay and this is once but it has been 2 to 3 times overlay in the past)

Can you show a photo and log please?

Hi, I have posted the pic in my original post and will wait for it to happen again and then post the log for it.

Hi sam_nazarko, Here is the log:

Thanks for researching this.

This should be fixed in today’s update (coming in a few hours)