Music Album Question

Would like to understand, if I can play all the songs from a particular album, when inside the Music album. I’m attaching the screenshots of what I’m expecting. I have a folder with 9 songs, and this folder is successfully scanned in the music album. But, these are shown as different entries (one entry for each different artist). How do I play all the songs belonging to the same album.
Eg. First, i go to the album from the main menu.

Then, inside music.

Now, i have all the albums, an in this case, the album “Tanu Weds Manu Returns” is coming multiple times, because of different artist. How do i play all the songs from this album?

You need to fix your tags, there is an Album Artist tag which should be set to Various Artists then there is an Artist tag which should be set to the artist performing the particular track

Hey thanks, tried this for a couple of albums, seems to work. BTW, it’s a bit too different than what the other players generally do.

Is there any way i can do this without need to change all my tags?