Music Browsing and Visualisation options

I have an RPi2 with OSMC installed which accesses all my media via my network (I have an old computer set up for NAS with some hard drives attached). Everything works well- videos, music, airplay, the lot, it’s a great little media centre. There are just two final things I would like to change and I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help.

  1. Is there a way to display the music available on my NAS in the same way as Movies and TV Shows? When I added the source folders for video content there were options for linking movie info with imdb, movie trailers from youtube etc, which also gives a nice way of displaying the available content in the menu as opposed to just a list of files in the directory. There doesn’t seem to be similar options available for music sources that I add.

  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for changing the visualiser for the music? I would like some more options, I’m particularly interested in something that can incorporate my photos too.


I think what you want is the scan-to-library item in the context menu for the source.
Some more is found in Settings|Music|Library, where you can select where to get sources information.

As to visualisation options, that may depend on the skin you happen to be using - I’ve never really explored these

Can recommend this repo for visualization

its similar to milkdrop :slight_smile: