Music display

I’m using a vero4k and have just done an update. Before the update when the music menu was highlighted I got the album’s displayed, but not now. I’ve hunted all over the choices but no luck. Does anyone know how to do it.

Dunno what happened, but it is now working like it was before. I did a reboot but dunno if that was what fixed it. It is a setting which shows random albums, but dunno where it is or even how to turn it off or on.

Sounds like your talking about a widget. The details of which would be dependent on what skin your using. If you want to explorer the topic further you can search for information on “widgets” on Kodi’s wiki and forum. If your using the OSMC skin then Chillbo has information about that in our wiki here…

The main menu probably had to be rebuilt by the skinshortcuts script… This always takes a few seconds to initiate after a reboot and again after a rebuild has been triggered (by going to a window and backt to the home menu e.g.).