Music GUI help

While I love the new Music Gui I despise that the screen looses all info after 10 seconds…
So I created an advancedsettings.xml as per

Now the navigation screen never changes to the now playing screen - so the first song stays large while the currently playing song shows as small and yellow with no play progress info. I have no desire to be stuck on the navigation screen.

Now if I press EXIT to the main gui and EXIT again to return to the now playing I see the lovely new music GUI. THIS is the screen I want to be stuck on :wink:

However after 10 seconds all GUI info other than the progress bar again disappears - an no action other than changing to the main menu screen and pressing exit to again return to the music GUI, or waiting for the next song to begin, will allow the new music GUI info screen to be displayed so I am stuck with:

Thanks for the help so far folks:

In short, songinfoduration>0 forces the Music navigation screen to not transition to the Music Now Playing screen. What I hope to accomplish is a transition to the Music Now playing screen, but then NOT loose the Now Playing info splash. Any ideas?
Open a terminal from my linux laptop on the same network as the Vero2:
Ssh osmc@
ls .kodi -a
{should see userdata, temp, system, etc}
cd .kodi/userdata
ls -a
{if advancedsettings.xml does not exist, create it:} cat > advancedsettings.xml
{restart the terminal}
Ssh osmc@
cd .kodi/userdata
ls -a
{should see advancedsettings.xml}
nano advancedsettings.xml


{write out via ctrl+O, save via enter, exit via ctrl+x}

Also: Simulate a press left when select is pressed on a main menu item to display the submenu shortcuts
Under Appearance Customize Skin change the Main Menu item’s Action to SetFocus(9001) {the default is ActivateWindow(windowname)}

The default Kodi behaviour is to keep the information always displayed when you press ‘i’ on a keyboard/the button mapped to ‘info’ on a remote.

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@BobCrachett — Sorry

Apparently what I thought was mapped on my CEC remote to info was not

After messing with CEC Remote Keymap the easy way.. - Raspberry Pi Forums and I hooked up a keyboard and pressed ‘i’ while the new music splash screen was shown.

I can confirm the info no longer disappears, despite switching artists, exiting to navigate and exiting on the main gui to return, and rebooting.

Sorry for your having to repeat yourself (again and again)

@BobCrachett and @sam_nazarko
I am now running the Beta on my Pi’s as ‘stable’. Just waiting for V2 hardware acceleration to DVD.ISO to do the same. THANKS!

Hi Chris,

Beta7 is due shortly. I have a rebase on Beta 6 which builds, but I’m waiting a little as I’m currently travelling (in the US) and there’s little point putting out a short-lived beta.

There will be a lot of improvements in the next build. Although I’m tracking Kodi as it pops, there’s a bit of internal work (OSMC downstream patches) that need further work. For example, we have @gezb’s BTPlayer that’s going to land which will improve our Bluetooth Audio streaming support.

P.S. use screenshots in the future if you can, or send me some HDDs :wink:


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I fully forgot about:
Submitting Kodi Screenshots

kodi-send --action=TakeScreenshot

You can chose where you want to save screenshots in the System->Settings-Debug->Screenshot Folder.