Music library cover arts persistant

Hi, Scrolling in the data view of my Music library shows for a handfull of folders cover arts for the majority not. I’ve no idea, were thes covers are located. Deleting the Folders from my NAS removes the covers on OSMC, moving the Folders back to my NAS brings the covers back. Removing all ID tags from the Folder brings no result. Any idea?

You should start here.

Are all those folders you’re talking about scraped into your library?

Hi, for my Music library I’m only using internal Information (no scraper), I’ve tagged every Album/title on my NAS with the Information and cover art.

Some Folders on that Folder level already have cover arts. I don’t know why. Even removing all tags from the affected Folders leaves the cover arts where they are.

None of my artist folders have cover art. Only albums and single tracks… I’m guessing, the artist cover art is provided by the scraper from an online source and there’s simply not cover art for all of the artists. That would be my guess. :thinking:

But honestly, you’re not using the OSMC skin which we could give advice about and it’s probably a Kodi issue anyway, so please refer to @ActionA’s advice and ask over in the Kodi forums.

That’s my intended setup too and what makes me wondering why it’s only working partial. Your guess went in my direction but all online sources have been deactivated for music. By the way it’s the same problem with the OSMC Skin. Thanks.

Hm, weird… From the top of my head, I have no idea what could be wrong. :man_shrugging:t2:

One thing maybe: did you deactivate “Fetch additional information during updates” under settings/media/music?

Yes, it’s deactivated.

Then I don’t have any ideas anymore… Maybe you could post screenshots of all settings under settings/media/music and I could compare. But if they are all the same, I’m out of ideas unfortunately. Maybe the Kodi community might be able to help after that. :slightly_smiling_face: