Music Library gone following February update shared SQL

I am using a MySQL database hosted on a NAS for two Raspberry Pi’s running OSMC both for movies and music, and until now there haven’t been any problems.

But since the OSMC February update (both pi’s updated at the same time) which moved from Kodi Isengard to Jarvis the music library has gone and will not come back.

I have no problems with my video library.

All seem have been updated to the new tables in the database seemingly without any problems in line with the version table;
This shows that MyVideos99 and MyMusic56 which are for Jarvis are present, also. MyVideos93 and MyMusic52 which are for the now defunct Isengard are also present.

Should I drop MyMusic52?

In Kodi I can see all my music files (nfs folder structure) from both devices, so the source is ok, all relevant IP’s are unchanged.

But, I cannot find any way to activate the library mode for music.

Any suggestions anybody please?

Did you allow Kodi to complete the update of the database? It can take a LOONG time to complete.

You might try dropping the MyMusic56 database, the restart OSMC. That will rebuild the database from the old MyMusic52 database. Leaving the old database around should not be a problem.

Suggest to first shutdown one of the OSMC boxes and then let a single box finish the upgrade of the database by deleting the new database and restart OSMC.
There is no need to delete the old databases they will just be ignored if the new database exists and can remain as a good backup.

Many thanks, this worked, shut down one pi, dropped MyMusic56 then rebooted the remaining box. This recreated MyMusic56 and the library populated as expected.