Music Library import?

I have Kodi running on 2 different PCs. The target system (RP1) is a raspberry 2 running OSMC RC 3.

I have been ripping my audio CDs on PC1, running them through Picard (Phew !) and eventually adding them to the music library on PC1. My reasons are it has a CD burner, is a lot faster and has a full mouse & keyboard complement.
My plan was that after I got the albums all tagged properly and in the library on PC1, then within Kodi, I could export the library and import it into RP1 and all would be well.

HAH ! The import seemed to go well, but when I browse the library on RP1, the new albums dont show up.
So, how do I go about fixing this work process. I tried cleaning up the library at a lot of different steps in the process but no love.

The only albums that show up in the library are those that I added via scanning individual albums/songs.
And now as I think on it, it seems that I remember hearing that the library only holds metadata ?, not the actual songs themselves,

Correct ?