Music library persistently empty on new Vero V

Apologies for starting a new thread, but I’m experiencing an issue with the Music library on my Vero V. I can’t see any other threads on this, so it’s probably something I’ve missed or done wrong at my end.

I’ve set up the Vero V, updating it once out of the box, and then restored a backup taken from a 4K+. I then set up AutoFS and the NAS mounts using the instructions here:

As there is a 4K+ in another room, I want libraries for both running off MySQL. I’ve set this up on the V using the instructions here (but with MariaDB):

Then I added the sources from scratch, and updated both video & music libraries.

The result is that the video library is fully populated and works perfectly between both devices. The music library, however, is completely empty on both devices. Turning the SQL option off on the music library and rebooting the devices makes no difference. I’ve removed and re-added the music source, with no results. Updating the library seems to take several minutes to scan all of the music files, and I can see (and play) the files by navigating to the source folders through OSMC’s Media/File Manager. The “Music” and “Albums” menu options just show empty screens. The “Artist” option just shows a single entry - “[missing]”.

I’m at a bit of a loss, as I had the same setup following the same steps previously on 2 x Vero 4Ks with no issues.

Logs are here:

Before uploading logs, I rebooted twice, then tried updating the music library and then force-rescanning the entire source, without success. Hopefully someone can spot what I’m doing wrong?

I could factory reset both and start from scratch as a last resort, but would really prefer not to do this.

Many thanks.

When you turned off MySQL for the audio library and it still didn’t scan did you check the kodi.log to make sure it still wasn’t loading the MySQL db? If it isn’t scraping the audio even with SQLite then your problem likely isn’t with that. You didn’t have debug turned on when you took those logs so it doesn’t really show much info on what is going on during that library update. It shows an error but not any detail. Does it work if you try it using a Kodi path instead of the system mount? If so then maybe there is a permissions issue with the mount.

I’ve attempted debug logs, but it returns the error message “Log file too large, unable to complete upload”. As a workaround, I repeated the above steps but having only selected and forced a re-scan of one album folder within the source. Again, it gave the same error message about the log file size.

I’ve managed to locate the kodi.log and have taken a look through. I can see the entries for scanning the music files which were apparently successful, and can’t see any clear errors - but then I’m not sure what to look for.

Did you reboot twice before turning on debug and updating the library? This helps shrink down the logs to just the part we are trying to see.