Music playback crash in May update

Intermittently after some time playing music, the music playback freezes; the play symbol remains and the timer freezes. The kodi menu items can still be used, up to the point where some attempted interaction with the player happens (e.g. press stop, or add track) at which point kodi itself freezes and osmc has to be rebooted.

This has only been happening for the last week or two, and I know of nothing I have done to introduce this. I can only reproduce it by playing music until it eventually happens, usually within 20 mins.

I am currently running osmc on a pi3. There are no peripherals attached apart from a Pulse Eight box which is disabled in Kodi, and I use for a different purpose. This has always been there.

This problem appeared to turn up significantly after my move to the Pi3 from Pi2. I don’t think this issue was there in the April 2016 version, but is there in the current May 2016 version.

Debug logs with verbose omxplayer logs are provided in

Thanks as always for this excellent OS.

Your log is blank.


Crashed at about 13:53

One other note. The crashes tend to correspond to times of interaction with the interface.

The is reproducible on my Pi3

Set music playing. Then hit down to cycle quickly through all the artist thumbnails.

It is associated with errors of the form

ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::WaitForOutputDone OMX.broadcom.egl_render wait event timeout
18:11:39 101183.656250 T:1498276848 ERROR: COMXTexture::Decode m_omx_egl_render.WaitForOutputDone result(0x80001011)

sometime after something like

DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.b
roadcom.egl_render input port 220 output port 221 m_handle 0x5193dbe8
18:11:37 101181.656250 T:1294455792 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Deinitialize : O
MX.broadcom.egl_render handle 0x50ef4c30
18:11:37 101181.656250 T:1294455792 DEBUG: DecodeJpegToTexture: decoded specia
l://masterprofile/Thumbnails/e/ebbea169.jpg 200x197
18:11:37 101181.656250 T:1498276848 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::UseEGLImage comp
onent(OMX.broadcom.egl_render) - port(221), nBufferCountMin(1), nBufferCountActu
al(1), nBufferSize(15360) nBufferAlignmen(16)

AFAICS there is no consistency in the particular thumbnail being rendered across different crashes unless I am misreading the log.

The crash eventually hangs kodi entirely.

Apologies. Error probably a duplicate of:

I am having this exact issue.

Similar Issue here playback of MP3 music freezes but without any intervention, usually partway though an mp3 album. status of track is dispayed with times stationary. UI works until i press stop or play then freezes.

I am using an RPI2, on wired ethernet, media is on a USB Hard Drive (ext4) . have a wireless usb keyboard attached also.

In an attempt to fix it i have disabled visualisations, and did a fresh re-install with 2016.05-1. the problem still exists

I enabled debugging and started logging, but it took 2 hours for the problem to present itself, and the file is 180meg. should I attempt to upload all of this?

Tempted to try fresh install of April Version as this problem has only recently started - I think since May Update.

Yes, that would be useful. Determining exactly when the issue started would be useful.

If April does seem reliable, then it would be useful to just upgrade the firmware, and check all is okay. Then upgrade the kernel and check all is okay, then upgrade kodi and check all is okay to narrow down the issue.

It would also be useful to report the exact steps you did from a clean image to get the crash.
Ideally find a simple way of reproducing this.
e.g. does playing a single mp3 on loop crash eventually? Does it require navigating the library to provoke a crash etc?

Ok, So in an effort to resolve this issue for me I have…
1…reverted back to 2016.04-1 but did a full restore of backup including libraries, thumbnails and add ons, and music playback halts in the same manner (status of track is displayed with times stationary. UI works until I press stop or play then freezes) after a random time (usually seems to be after a couple of hours)

2…Clean install of 2016.05-1 with just SMB installed, music playback crashes in the same way, after SSH reboot confluence menus and background had reset - weird

3…Clean install of 2016.05-1 on different 8gb SD card, just completed. will test this then work back through images doing clean installs until i find one that works. If none do then maybe its hardware - we shall see!

edit - also rechecked PSU voltage 5.00Vdc bang on

If you didn’t check this voltage while the PSU is under load, then your results are not relevant. The most common issue with power supplies is that as the load increases and there is a higher demand for amperage, the voltage falls off to a point that can no longer sustain the hardware.

Excellent point, but it was with a flying lead off a USB socket, whilst playing back audio. Should have clarified that. What would you say is the maximum load activity for future reference? HD Video decoding perhaps?

It has just crashed again, so now going to clean install of 2016.04-1.

I suspect that browsing the library will maximise the load. Just hold the down button so you are scrolling through a library view with artwork as fast as possible. In theory you could also play music or video in the background, but I suspect that would only be a small additional load.

In my experience maximum load seems to be scanning your library but fast browsing should be a pretty good load.

Provide logs please! This is the only way we can differentiate or confirm that an issue is the same as some other we’ve seen, or a new issue.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

I have provided logs on this, and they are given above. The problem is persistent across multiple power supplies, and renders kodi unusable to any reasonable degree.