Music playlists not working (.pls)

Hi…on Friday, 3 days ago, these were working fine. On Saturday, not working…don’t know if there was any update or not.

The playlist file is from the iinet freezone :-

The error log is here :-

Jarvis on Pi 3.

Any ideas?



Most likely the Playlist is outdated. Try to open parts of it in your browser and you will see.

Worked fine? This one has been around for years, so I don’t think it is likely to change?

Debug log is needed. The log you uploaded does not have debugging.

Ok, thanks. I will give that a go.

I turned debug on

The ABC Grandstand link I tried to play is /171 here but in the log is showing /292 so that is strange?

I tried making a .STRM file with just the ABC Grandstand stream in it, to test again

log here

You have a lot of addons installed, did you install any new ones just before this started failing? Or did any update?

I didn’t install any others Friday or later, no. I will look and see if any updated.