Music: Playlists

Not sure where this belongs, and even if it is something people here ever have used, as most are for movies, but let me try to describe my problem.

I have several hunderds (thousands maybe) of music files on my NAS. All grouped in group/title/ groups. So everything Beatles is in the folder Beatles/* and Christmas is in Christmas folder, kids in the kids folder and so on.

Now I want to play for example random music, without Christmas and Kids so I tried to create some (intelligent) playlist:

Type: songs
Title: Everything
Rules: Path (is not): Christmas
Rules: Path (is not): Kids

Options: All Rules

But when selecting this playlists, it still has the titles that should not be played. So I guess I do something wrong.

If this isn’t something that Kodi/OSMC is good for, I might try something else, but I really would like it to work as described.

You would be much better off asking for such answers from Kodi as OSMC has no bearing on this behavior. It’s completely a function of Kodi.

Are your music files tagged properly? I have similar playlists, but i filter them on MP3 tags, which is working great.
Maybe that is an option for you…

I tink i have them tagged. But will look into it further.

The value in the rule “Path (is not)” should be the exact path.

You can instead use the conditions “contains” or “endswith”.

Read more here:

Thanks. I will take a look at the site you mentioned.