Music settings export?

Is anyone aware of a relatively foolproof way of exporting the changes made to the music browser when using Library Node Editor so that the interface is consistent across different installs of OSMC?

I don’t have a huge amount of changes to make to get the new installs on my Vero V & 4Ks to match up but a way to export would definitely save time.

Just to note if guisettings.xml is involved I would probably have to cut and paste the relevant entries as due to differing hardware attached to different units, I don’t want the GUI to be 100% identical.

Many thanks for any assistance.

Off the top of my head I think that data is stored in ~/.kodi/userdata/library and that folder only exists if you had made changes. There might also be something stored in ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data for node editor that needs to be copied as well.

Another way you can go about this sort of thing is to just manually copy the entire .kodi from one machine to the next after fully configuring the first one. You can then just replace the guisettings.xml file you backed up from the client before replacing the rest of that folder. Just make sure you shut down Kodi beforehand with…
systemctl stop mediacenter

Thanks for that, I’ll have a look in those folders.

I think I’ll be OK for the other method for now as all my units are configured already, but for future reference I take it it’s OK to move the .kodi folder between different systems? (Vero V / 4K / Pi / PC)

It is usually fine with the exception of guisettings.xml which shouldn’t be transferred between platforms. If you have any add-ons that are platform specific there may be issues there as well, but the majority of everything in the Kodi userdata folder doesn’t change depending on what it is being run on.

Always make sure the Kodi version is the same when doing this


Understood. Thanks for the help as always guys.

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