Music stutters coming out of fullscreen when using ShaderToy visualisations

@popcornmix I’ve been using these visualisations since you made them available, through various Kodi versions and skins but one constant issue is that the playback audio badly stutters when coming out of fullscreen mode when the visualisations are active.

As soon as I re-enter fullscreen mode the issue goes away.

Currently running Eminemce 2 and Kodi 17.3 (OSMC) on a Pi 2.

Happy to provide more details if this is not a known bug.


The PI 2 is not powerfull enough to get shadertoy running decently and playing back high grade mp3 streams/music. I had to use a PI3 or a Vero device for it to run nicely.

Works perfectly in full screen mode with the visualisations and audio playback. Leaving fullscreen mode causes this issue.

Yep - because the CPU is sollicited too much.

That might make sense if the visualisations didn’t use the GPU

GPU is one thing, but it wants to be fed data, and the data is fed and eventually pre-computed/pared by the CPU…

Further info: When the stuttering audio happens outside of full screen mode the visualisations aren’t on screen.