Music Video's scraped display format

Hello, everyone.
I am running Kodi 20.2 on RPi4.
I tried to scan to library my music video clips collection, but faced strange behavior with displaying scanned videos.
I scanned just 2 videos and here is the results of how this now displayed in different views:
Video files view:

Music Library - Titles

Music Library - Genres

Video Library - Genres

So every different view represent different format of content’ title
How can i manage that ?
I would like to see it all the time like Artist - Title despite the view.
I tried to change skin’ XML layout to display MusicVideo content view, but items


is defined only for items that scanned to library, whereas not scanned item’s file names along with folder names etc represented only in


Any advises on how to make Music videos all the time be displayed as %A - %T ?

Isn’t this a scraping issue and not an issue with the skin? I don’t ever remember playing with the music videos library but it seems to me that there would be tags that would need to be supplied by a nfo file such that when added to the library it would have the info needed to correctly place the view in both the video and music libraries.

I don’t think this could be related to tags.
First - if you will check my screenshots you will see that Artist and Title both displayed but in a different way depending on context.
File view exposes only title
Music Video Library by Title exposes Atrist - Title
Video Library Music Video view exposes Title - Artist
And Music Video Library by Genre exposes only Title
Second - I’ve checked Skin’s layout XML part responsible for Music Video list and it uses $INFO[ListItem.Label] to display list content. Which means somewhere inside Kodi this object gets different values depending on context. For parent directory this equals to “…”, for files and folders this gets it’s names and for scraped content this equals to %T or %A - %T or %T - %A depending on context.

And the last but not least here is content of music video library

All data is scraped successfully.

Anyway, for a while I applied ugly workaround in skin’s XML layout like this:


But for other skins this will not work as well as if any update will come for current skin this workaround will be replaced.
So I still will appreciate any advice or clue on how to manage this behavior.

Found an answer here, to whom it might be interesting in future